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Nonton GFP BUNNY (2012) Direct by Yutaka Tsuchiya. Actors Yuka Kuramochi,Makiko Watanabe,Kanji Furutachi,Takahashi. GFP BUNNY (2012). . . Japan. Edited Subtitle by indoxxih.site

GFP BUNNY (2012) iMDb:6.9/10/45.494

(User Rating 6.9/10 Based on 45.494)

Genre: Layarkaca21

Actors: ,,,,


Production: ,

Sinopsis: This Metafictional 'remix' Of Our World Under Surveillance Is The First Film In Seven Years From Director Tsuchiya Yutaka, Who Has Constantly Addressed The Plight Of Japanese Society. A Girl Who Attempts To Poison Her Mother With Thallium Is Portrayed As An Innocent Observer Who Reconstructs And Transcends Our Modern-day Malaise. Idol Kuramochi Yuka Stars, While Actors Watanabe Makiko And Furutachi Kanji Provide Able Support And Actual Body Modification Artists, Biologists, And Plastic Surgeons Also Appear Incidentally, A "GFP Bunny" Is A Rabbit That Glows Green Due To Genetic Manipulation.

Durasi: 82 min

Quality:  Hd


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Actor & Crew GFP BUNNY (2012) iMDb:6.9/10/45.494

Poster GFP BUNNY (2012) iMDb:6.9/10/45.494

Video GFP BUNNY (2012) iMDb:6.9/10/45.494

Nonton Movie GFP BUNNY (2012) hd Subtitle Indonesia Gratis hanya di INDOXXIHOT. Film GFP BUNNY di sutradarai oleh Yutaka Tsuchiya yang mahir menciptakan cerita fiksi di film GFP BUNNY ini. Film GFP BUNNY ini di angkat dari sebuah cerita Layarkaca21 yang di bintangi oleh Yuka Kuramochi yang berperan sebagai , Makiko Watanabe yang berperan sebagai , Kanji Furutachi yang berperan sebagai , Takahashi yang berperan sebagai , .

Box Office GFP BUNNY akan di rilis pada tanggal 2012-10-22 di negara Japan.Hingga pada di rilisnya film GFP BUNNY kini mendapatkan rating 6.9(iMDb).. Selamat menonton film berdurasi 82 di INDOXXIHOT.